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Fast and simple

Startup-ready flexibility

  • Ship faster with our app and API
  • Pay using ACH, Wire, RTP and more
  • Future-proof for future scale
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Startup-ready flexibility
Enterprise-level powerEnterprise-level power
Complete and Comprehensive

Enterprise-level power

  • One portal for all your banks
  • Complete approval workflows
  • Automatic cash reconciliation
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What makes us different

When compared to third party senders, directly integrating with your corporate bank accounts is the best option.
Move money faster

Move money faster

Funds settle in your bank accounts up to 2x faster when they don’t need to be routed through an intermediary.

No limits

No limits

No limits on transaction counts, transaction amounts or aggregate dollar volumes, and no arbitrary holds on your funds.

Full visibility

Full visibility

Track payments from initiation, approval, and completion to cash reconciliation in your bank accounts.

The easiest way to
integrate with your bank.

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moving our customers forward in real time.
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